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About the fund

Lucy Global Fund is a global equity fund with a main focus lifestyle companies, as well as companies with well-known and attractive brands. Lucy Global Fund has a strong team behind it, all of whom have extensive experience in the industry and where we choose to invest in companies and companies that offer top quality products and have good growth prospects in, for example, health, exercise, shopping, fashion, sports, food, music , sleep, animals, finances, children, nature, experiences, jewelry, mindfulness and other things that are included in the area of lifestyle companies.

Why the Lucy Global Fund?

Our motto is that it should be fun to invest. If you invest in a company or a product you like and know, there is an understanding of the product and the brand, which increases the commitment to your own investments. We care about investing in transparent and well-managed companies that have an appealing message and safeguard the soft values, which contributes to you feeling secure in your choice of investments. It is always more fun to invest when you feel safe and have an understanding of what you are investing in.

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Meet the manager

Therese Nyrén manages the Lucy Global Fund together with a strong team that has extensive experience in the industry. Therese is an economist with many years of experience in the financial industry and in asset management. She has worked as an advisor, manager and founded & ran a company. 

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Lucy Global Fund

The fund is a first step in a larger concept that, among other things, aims to create a broader interest in funds and finance.  Lucy Global Fund is a fund that focuses on lifestyles and brands of top quality, which there is great interest in and many can relate to. The Lucy Global Fund arouses interest in finance and mutual funds and makes investing something that feels attractive and fun. Long-term and sustainable investing should be fun and created through commitment, security and understanding of the products and brands you choose to invest in.


What we

Global equity fund

The fund is an equity fund with a focus on companies 
active in lifestyle as well 
companies with strong brands. The fund invests 
globally without geographical limitation.
According to the fund's overall strategy, the fund invests 
at least 50 percent in shares and share-related
transferable securities and fund units with 
exposure to lifestyle companies, 
health and beauty as well as companies with strong 
brands. The fund must invest at least 90 percent 
in transferable securities, fund units and 
UCITS. The fund's funds may be invested in transferable 
securities, fund units, derivative instruments and on 
account with credit institution. The fund's goal is to exceed its benchmark index over a five-year period. The fund's benchmark index is the Dow Jones Global Index (W1DOW), which is a global stock index.

The administration

Lucy Global Fund is a long-term managed fund based on security, trust and sustainability. We believe in investing in the long term and not in the short term. We know that the world is a changing place and we can not predict what will happen in the future, but we know that it is always a good idea to invest in something that feels relevant and that you can relate to and that long-term and regular investments provide higher returns than quick and short-term investments. The Lucy Global Fund builds trust over time instead of chance. At Lucy Global Fund, we strive to generate capital by investing positively.

Sustainability and global goals

All companies have an important role to play in achieving the global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030. All companies and companies, regardless of size and regardless of industry, can participate and contribute to actively and consciously working for a more sustainable future. Lucy Global Fund works actively to meet the globally set goals by working for a more sustainable development of the financial industry. We want current research in terms of sustainability to be applied in all aspects from planning stages to implementation and from thought to practical application. We therefore invest in companies that have a clear strategy for how to work towards the global sustainability goals. Lucy Global Fund wants to be part of changing the world. It is today that we create the future. 

Basic information

Basic information
Name of the fund: Lucy Global Fund (Org. 515603-1642)
SFDR classification: (Article 8)
ISIN code: SE0016075188 A

ISIN code: SE0016075204 B 
Management fee: 1.40%
Fund risk: High (6 of 7)
Fund's start date: 1/7 2021
Fund company: AIFM Capital AB (Org. 556737-5562)

Fund documents:


Expected return

"Do not put all eggs in the same basket" 
It is always a good idea to spread your investments in different funds to invest long-term and regularly. A portfolio with breadth and spread is expected to provide a return corresponding to the risk over time, which means that if you have a well-thought-out and diversified portfolio with a higher risk, you can probably expect a higher return if you think long-term. If you calculate the risk in the Lucy Global Fund and include interest rates and inflation in the calculations, an investor can expect a return of 8-10 percent in a long-term perspective. With a look ahead full of confidence and faith in the future, we see clearly how the world changes over time to meet the goals of Agenda 2030, which will lead to positive development and if you see investments in that light, it is not unreasonable to think that the return in Lucy Global Funds can be even higher. 


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